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Our Story

Santiago Global was co-founded by Dr. Katherine Wilson and Fernando Reyero Noya.

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Why "Santiago"? 

Santiago comes from the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrim way that stretches itself, like veins, across Europe. It is a path that has been walked for thousands of years by those seeking illumination and rejuvenation. The Camino holds personal significance to us as we call León, Spain, a city on this path, one of our homes. Our name, Santiago Global Consulting, reflects our deep desire to walk alongside those we serve, supporting them on the paths they have chosen for themselves.

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Our wedding. León, Spain, 2015.

Meet Katherine

“Vocation is the place where our deep

gladness meets the world's deep need.”

Frederick Buechner

Dr. Katherine Wilson is a senior consultant and co-founder of Santiago Global Consulting. She has 15 years of professional experience serving groups and individuals in community, business, faith and educational settings. Katherine is an experienced practitioner, researcher, analyst, and trainer, with proven competencies across community engagement and peace building, conflict management, interfaith dialogue, and contemplative activism.


In 2013, she was awarded a PhD from UW-Milwaukee based on her study of genocide, testimony, peace, and reconciliation. At the conclusion of her studies, she began an active search for non-violent tools that would equip people to form communities capable of celebrating differences while still embracing connection. Her experiences as a facilitator, executive director, coach, and university professor, have informed her work in peace building and communication. 


Her passion to help people integrate both internal and external divisions has led her to over 40 countries to support groups and individuals through coaching, speaking engagements, trainings, workshops, and facilitation. She has trained 500+ professional facilitators and developed over 50 programs serving thousands each year.

Meet Fernando

Fernando Reyero Noya is a senior consultant and co-founder of Santiago Global Consulting. He is a computer engineer by trade, and a teacher at heart. He has worked in Spain, Germany, and now in the U.S. as a software engineer, data analyst, and graphic designer. Over the years, his passion has blurred the lines between Art and Technology, understanding them as different sides of the same coin.

Fernando's vocation is education. After 8 years of teaching in private, public, and charter schools in the U.S., he earned his Master degree in Education. His vocation has centered on the opportunity to positively influence the lives of learners, especially the underserved and those who've experienced immigration. His goal is to utilize his intercultural experience as an immigrant and technological expertise to educate the next generation of responsible world citizens.


His experience facilitating group dialogue and restorative justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the U.S., and Uganda has given him the tools to support Santiago Global’s facilitation work with communities, businesses, schools, and organizations.




Training facilitators in the

D.R. Congo

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